• Things that keep every City Safe, that we Don’t Even Notice
    27th September 2021

    Things that keep every City Safe, that we Don’t Even Notice

Safety is one of the top-rated features of the most popular cities. But how many of us notice the electrical installations around us that are silently keeping us safe?

As more than half of the world’s population reside in cities, urban security has become a crucial public concern. All sorts of measures are put in place to make cities safer – from anti-crime laws, patrolling to installation of nifty security devices in public spaces. Ever given a thought about these little things that keep our cities safe?

Smart technologies help cities reduce crime rates, accidents and enable faster mass evacuation responses during emergencies. As cities become safer, life becomes easier and worry-free for residents, visitors and businesses as well as for the police and emergency workers.

Pause for a moment and reflect on these 5 promising technological solutions that have been relentlessly working towards enhanced community safety.

Fireproof cables (LSZH)

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables are often laid in crowded public places such as malls, hospitals, airports and railway stations where the safety of the public is critical. Being halogen free they emit very low levels of toxic smoke, greatly increasing the chances of escape from populated areas during a fire. They are a safer choice over halogen ridden Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) cables that release dense harmful fumes, greatly obscuring visibility of escape routes. LSZH cables are also widely used in poorly ventilated areas such as tunnels and underground locomotive networks.

Water-proof cables – Marine and rubber flex

Water resistant marine cables and rubber flex cables are extensively used for shipboard wiring, oil rigs and other off-shore or at-sea installations. Impervious to immersion, high humidity, fungus, and extreme temperature changes, these cables safely transfer energy for varied offshore activities. Their flame retardant properties prevent sparks and shocks in water-borne work environments, thus preventing dangers and accidents in off-shore operations.

Emergency lights and exit signage

Emergency lighting and exit signage are a mandatory safety-compliance feature of high-rise buildings and commercial complexes. Commonly fitted near hallways and stairways, they play a lead role in quickly and smoothly evacuating people during catastrophic events such as a fire before thick black smoke and toxic gases engulf the building. During power outages, they provide illumination for up to several hours allowing sufficient time for occupants to locate routes for escaping to safety.

Explosion proof lights

Explosion proof lighting is commonly used in hazardous environments where chemicals, flammable gases, petrochemical vapors, or high heat are present. These hazardous locations have high concentrations of combustible particles in the air that can trigger an explosion posing a risk of injury, impairment or death. Designed to contain sparks or flames that would otherwise cause a fire or explosion in dangerous spaces, they are commonly installed in mines, marine offshore stations and heavy chemical industries.

Motion detectors

A vital component of the security system, motion detectors are installed at hospitals, schools, banks, hotels, government offices, commercial enterprises and other closely-monitored sites. Smart sensor-activated lights and alarm systems prevent unauthorized access and save energy too when unoccupied. Hi-tech smoke detectors and occupancy sensors trigger alarms to evict occupants to safety during emergencies.

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