• Top 4 Electric Innovations Driving Sustainability
    05th January 2024

    Top 4 Electric Innovations Driving Sustainability

A sustainable future means living in harmony and aligning all our activities with the long-term health and viability of the planet. Sustainability as a concept recognizes that our planet’s resources are exhaustible and urges meeting our present needs without compromising the share of future generations.

Collaborative efforts in embracing energy-efficient technology and integration of green energy are essential to ensure a safe and livable future for everyone. In this article we highlight four prominent electrical technologies that we can adopt to pave the way towards a sustainable ecosystem.

Electric Vehicles

Transport is one of the main sources of emissions and you’ll be astonished to know that combustion engine vehicles contribute 70 percent to emissions. Contrarily, the environmental impact of an electric car is a lot lower compared to its gas-powered counterpart. While EVs may not be the sole solution to overcoming climate change, their widespread adoption will play an essential role in spurring the development and widespread adoption of eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Solar Panels

As the demand for clean energy continues to rise, solar power systems are becoming an increasingly popular solution to power lighting systems, water heaters and other electrical appliances. Solar units installed on rooftops capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity through photovoltaic (PV) panels for use in homes/commercial units. As the world gradually transitions towards renewable energy, installing more solar panels to harness this renewable energy is a prudent decision property owners can make.

LED Lighting

By their very design LEDs run on less energy to give superior lighting performance, making them ideal for today’s energy-conscious world. If a fluorescent light utilizes 160 watts per fixture, LED bulbs utilize only 30 – 50 watts per fixture. Hence this technology not only offers 50–70% energy savings but also saves millions of tons of carbon emission. LED lighting systems connected to smart controls and the IoT further increase those percentages. In addition, the installation and use of these human-centric lighting systems improve human well-being and productivity.

Motion Sensors

As our world becomes increasingly pressed with environmental issues, motion sensors are turning a saviour to ensure energy-efficient usage. These nifty devices detect movement and trigger an action (turn on /turn off) based on that movement. When installed throughout a building, motion sensors activate the lights, heating, and cooling systems only when needed and automatically switch them off when unoccupied. By mindful use not only do we reduce our carbon footprint, but also save on electricity bills.

These ingenious electric innovations collectively contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions, promoting energy efficiency, and fostering a cleaner energy landscape.

As we move into the new year, let us pledge to implement more energy-saving technology to contribute to a greener world in the years to come.

Make a switch to sustainable electricals

At Electric Way, a reputed electrical company in Dubai, we have been actively propagating the switch to green technology to tackle climate change through our range of motion sensors, EV charging technology, LED luminaires, solar lighting fixtures, rugged cabling systems, and energy-efficient home automation systems. Our products are extensively fitted into residential and commercial projects in the region, and through this, we are actively contributing to UAE’s Clean Energy Strategy by 2050.

If you are to learn more about energy-efficient technologies or need help with installing or retrofitting green electrical technology into your spaces, then get in touch with our electrical experts.

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