• Ways to Hygge-fy your Space with Lighting
    02nd July 2023

    Ways to Hygge-fy your Space with Lighting

“Hygge” a Danish word means coziness and is a way of being. This Danish concept implies a feeling of comfort and contentment and is often associated with creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. One can cleverly employ the elements of lighting to achieve a hygge atmosphere and light up your spaces with a cozy and comfortable vibe!

In this blog, we present simple tips to Hygee-fy your spaces:

Use warm lights: Warm lights between 2700-3000k closely mimic natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere in your spaces. Such lights are ideal to be used in your living room, bedroom, or any space where a calm and cozy environment is needed.

Dim the lights: Dimmer switches allow you to control the amount of lighting in a room and set the mood according to the occasion. By using them you can easily adjust the brightness of your lights and instantly transform any space into an intimate setting.

Light candles: The warm glow of candles creates a soft, kinder form of light that’s perfect for relaxing and socializing. Make use of scented candles such as lavender or vanilla to set a relaxing ambiance.

Bring nature indoors: Natural light is the best way to brighten up spaces and bring life into your home. Allow sunrays through the windows to illuminate your home or the light of firewood burning in the fireplace to infiltrate your spaces.

Create a focal point: Focus on creating a focal point in your room using a statement decorative lighting piece such as a large chandelier or pendant light. This will surely create a wow and eye-catchy effect within.

Layer your lighting: Combining light sources or layering your lights will help you weave a cozy atmosphere into your home. Use string lights to add an element of fun and play to your spaces. Hang them around your windows, doors or indoor plants where you want to create a cozy corner. Also, the use of table lamps/wall lamps here and there would create inviting spots for reading, dining and lounging.

By incorporating these simple yet effective lighting tricks into your home, you can find your hygge and create an atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. For help to make the lighting in your home more ‘hygge’ feel free to get in touch with our lighting professional at Electric Way.

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