• When EVs run out of Power
    23rd October 2021

    When EVs run out of Power

Tensed that your new Electric Vehicle may run out of power while driving? Here’s how drivers can avoid the range anxiety tension in their brain.

For any driver new to the world of Electric Vehicles (EVs), range anxiety can become a daunting concern. It’s the worry or fear of running out of power before reaching one’s destination and is one of the top reasons why many drivers are reluctant to switch to electric cars. The great news is unlike fuel powered cars, EV batteries don’t just die down as they’re inbuilt with trigger warning systems that caution drivers to tow to the nearest charge point before touching zero. So, cast your fear aside and don’t let range anxiety stop you from experiencing a green drive.

Rapid growth of EV industries worldwide, mushrooming of more charging stations and constant improvisations in battery technology have enabled longer travel times. In the UAE itself, there has been a proliferation of 650+ EV plug-in stations making it less likely you’ll find yourself stranded out of range. UAE announced free charging points for non-commercial EV drivers and dedicated parking slots for EVs. All thanks to its government’s plan to spur Electric Vehicle adoption and achieve its Green Mobility Strategy by 2030.

Let’s understand what happens when your EV charge gets close to zero and the lifeline options available to remedy the situation:

Close to Zero

– Before EV batteries get closer to hitting zero, built-in alert systems bombard you with countless ‘low-battery’ visual warnings. The car’s modern navigation system will not only suggest the nearest plug-in point, but also provide a good estimate of the distance the car can run with the remaining power (usually 15-20 Kms). All these measures prevent you from getting stuck on the outskirts.
– Another alert feature is the car’s speedometer that displays a colour indicator for the battery icon and will turn from green to red. That’s when you know your car is draining the last bits of power and is about to shut down. So ideally before reaching the danger line, you could get the car recharged.

Zero charge

Even if the charge reaches zero with no charge station in sight, there’s still no need to worry. The following options are available to get your EV back on the road.

– When EVs run out of power, you’ll no longer be able to maintain a 65-mph speed and the car gradually slows down. Even with near zero charge, EVs conserve minimal energy to allow you to safely park your vehicle off the road before a complete shutdown. You can then simply dial a road assistance helpline to tow your car to the nearest top-up point. (Most EVs have lower ground clearance, so ensure the tow truck hauls your EV on a flatbed to keep its electronic components and battery intact).
– A few companies have introduced portable chargers to help EV drivers stuck on the road. Roadside assistance services are now able to bring a fast charger to recharge your car and get you back on the road in no time!

Note: It’s important that you keep your EV running at an optimal charge to preserve its battery over time. This involves planning every move of the vehicle to avoid an emergency.


If range anxiety is still your concern, then opt for a plug-in-hybrid EV (PHEV). In hybrid vehicles, batteries power the electric motors and upon charge depletion an automatic switch to internal combustion engine (ICE) occurs to keep the car running. You can utilize electricity when driving 40-50 kilometres around town, and then switch to fuel powered engines for long distance trips. This alternate system serves as a safety buffer for drivers when battery power dies down.

The future is EV, the future is bright!

If you got yourself an electric car, Congratulations for being a ranger for the planet and reducing pollution on the road. A means of green transportation, EVs are efficient and noiseless vehicles that reduce carbon emissions in the environment. As charging technology witnesses more advancements, the anxiety of running out of range will totally vanish.

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