• Why should Businesses use more Solar Lights?
    23rd July 2021

    Why should Businesses use more Solar Lights?

The highest overhead costs business owners face is the cost of electricity. As the number of gadgets people work with in a tech-savvy business has increased, this also means increasing power bills.

With global environmental awareness on the high, businesses are becoming more conscious of their energy usage and are looking at different ways to go green. The use of renewable sources of energy being one of them to power lights or run machinery. Lighting does contribute to a significant percentage of the electricity bill. The solar breakthrough technology delivers a hassle-free way to illuminate large commercial spaces such as parking lots, driveways, walkways, warehouses and other remote locations with meagre costs or maintenance charges.

We want to highlight why using solar-powered illumination is beneficial to your business and the environment at large:


The use of solar power illumination makes your business carbon-neutral with no emissions of harmful gases. The photovoltaic cells present in the panels convert sunlight into electricity and store it into rechargeable batteries to power the lights during varied times of the day. Customers and visitors also draw inspiration from these green initiatives.


Even in case of a power outage at your commercial units, solar lights would deliver abundant illumination having no dependency on the power-grid. This assured source of lighting would minimize accidents and ensure smooth operation of your projects. This would also reduce the chances of theft or tampering after dusk falls.


Solar lights require no cables, plugs, sockets or other electrical equipment to connect to the power source. This makes the installation relatively simple, and the lights can be also repositioned as desired.


Solar lights once installed will automatically charge up and switch on every day. Thanks to the intelligent sensor technology. With no electricity consumption involved, solar lights help you save on those recurring utility bills. You can even add those savings on maintenance or repairs charges for the power-grids.

Electric Way is a complete solution provider of innovative solar lighting systems for commercial and residential units. Operated by a group of qualified engineers along with an experienced installation team, we encourage our customers to benefit from the combination of clean energy and intelligent technology.

Simply drop your contact details and our team member will give you a call to discuss your specific requirements for solar lighting fixtures. You can also speak to our team on +971 4 8170777.

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