• Wire in the Era of the Wireless
    08th September 2021

    Wire in the Era of the Wireless

How is a leading wire dealership surviving in the age of the wireless?

Wireless technology is raging in the workplace and home with cell phones, laptops, iPads, Wi-Fi and smart appliances around, tempting one to disregard the value of custom cables and wires. Yet they play a prominent role as ever – speeding up the transfer of data or transporting signal power.

Behind the scenes, wiring systems ensure all our connected devices operate efficiently and at high speeds. The reliability of wired technologies, their advances in production and specialization enables them to support wireless technologies with increasingly complex operations and large quantities of data.

Here are compelling reasons why wires are meant to stay in a wireless age.


Though wireless devices and IoT gadgets are handy for transmitting data, these devices can fall short when it comes to transmissions over longer distances. Weather, unsuitable wall width and even other electronic gadgets can easily disrupt wireless systems, making infrastructural cabling the lifeline of most technology. In an increasingly fast paced era, intelligent wiring delivers fast signal speed and data transfers without network interruptions or technical glitches.


Wireless technologies face constant glitches and require periodical service and constant updates to keep them functioning optimally. Given the various levels of specialization available in the market, wires are a convenient and cost-effective option for transmitting huge chunks of data. Custom cables are extremely durable and are adaptable to even extreme climatic conditions, which could impede even the fastest wireless signals. The lifespan of cabling systems stands the test of time with literally not many upgrades needed.


Although wireless connectivity represents a mobile trend for accessing information, many are still skeptical about their safety aspect. Wi-Fi technologies are vulnerable to security breaches mainly because the connections travel via radio waves, which can easily be intercepted if proper encryptions aren’t in place. Wired power transmissions are more reliable for the unison of multiple devices, especially with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT) gaining traction in the workplace.


Wireless charging works well for small devices such as cell phones and smart watches, but when it comes to power requirements greater than milliamps, wire is the appropriate choice. As transmission speeds continue to evolve with the inception of gigabit routers and new technologies, wired networks are much faster than wireless networks when transmitting huge chunks of data. A wired network speed is reliable since it is never bogged down by unexpected traffic. Unauthorized users cannot connect to the network unless their device is plugged through the ethernet cable.

The verdict is that wired networks are the foundations of all electrical devices, wired or otherwise. No technology can function without them in the home or office. Fast-charging, fire-resistant and fiber optic cables are indispensable for operations in a wide range of markets including marine, solar, construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, transportation and public utilities.

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