• X-Contact by Mennekes: Innovative, Simple, Durable and Safe
    07th August 2023

    X-Contact by Mennekes: Innovative, Simple, Durable and Safe

Industrial operations require secure and reliable connections between different electrical components or equipment. Electrical contacts serve as the points of connection between conductors that allow the flow of electrical current for varied applications. Functioning as contact sleeves they account for the quality of contact closures in plugs, connectors and receptacles.

The design and quality of the contact technology are crucial for ensuring reliable and efficient connections. The X-CONTACT technology developed by Mennekes, a manufacturer of electrical connectors and systems, is their proprietary advancement in contact design. The X-shaped clever contact sleeve provides easy handling and secure closures for plugs and sockets. In this piece, we run you through the distinct features or benefits associated with X-CONTACT technology:

Enhanced conductivity

Featuring a larger contact surface area compared to traditional contact sleeves, the X-CONTACT sleeve allows for better electrical contact between the mating connectors. Designed to improve conductivity and minimize electrical resistance, the technology promotes efficient power transmission.


X-CONTACT technology utilizes robust materials and construction methods that enhance the longevity of contacts. Even in case of rough handling where the plug is connected and disconnected frequently, the sleeve material remains fatigue-proof. Their study built can withstand repeated insertions, vibrations, and environmental factors without degradation.

Improved handling

The special design of the slotted X-CONTACT sleeve noticeably reduces the effort of insertion and withdrawal by up to 50% compared to conventional sleeves. As a result, the force needed to connect and disconnect the plug is also reduced by up to 50%. This drastically simplifies work processes and improves safety, especially with high electrical currents.

Contact stability

Due to the new design and shape of the X-CONTACT sleeve, a safe contact closure is ensured without the use of any additional spring elements. The technology optimizes contact force between connectors, ensuring a secure and stable connection while minimizing chances of disconnection due to mechanical stress or external factors.

Corrosion resistant

Due to the shape and quality of the new sleeves, surface contamination is drastically reduced while connecting and disconnecting. This minimizes arcing and reduces the impact of corrosion that can degrade the contact surfaces over time.


Due to their simple, brilliant functional principle, X-CONTACT can withstand the toughest conditions. Constructed with high-grade brass and an increased copper level in contact sleeves for good conductibility, the outer covering is nickel plated to further prevent oxidation. Hence, they are well suited for environments like construction sites, chemical industries, sea harbors and agriculture.

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