• Zenith Switches by ABB — Top in Performance and Design
    07th January 2024

    Zenith Switches by ABB — Top in Performance and Design

Ultra-slim, smooth and sleeker designs of ABB switches make the turn-ons and turn-offs more pleasurable with each launch. The switches and sockets from ABB come in numerous design series, a variety of shapes, colour combinations and materials to choose from. They not only meet functional but also aesthetic requirements and individual preferences.

Zenith, another premium switch range launched by ABB, offers simple, elegant and top-in-design switches. Available in four colour finishes with 100+ functions they complement your modern interiors. In this piece, we iterate why installing Zenith Switches into your spaces will add to the comfort of all the occupants within.

Easy installation and fit into modern spaces

Available in four colours with 130 functions, Zenith switches blend into any building environment. Screwless and metallic mounting grids make installation relatively quick and easy. From medium-sized businesses to large corporations and apartments to villas the switch designs blend into versatile modern spaces.

Versatile functionalities

Whether it’s blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning or door communication it is easy to remote control via the switch, even with a laptop or smartphone. The range of switches is also embedded with add-on features like multi-room audio solutions, FM radio, alarm options, and playing music from any device using Bluetooth.

Eco-efficient alternative

Zenit switches are the most comprehensive modular switch range certified to International & ISI standards. They are easy to use, energy-efficient, and incur minimal cost when compared to conventional electrical installations. Switching from conventional lighting to an eco-efficient intelligent alternative is much easier with ABB Switches.


Finally, you can count on Zenith for continuous power flow and longevity. This new generation of switches owes its robustness to its innovative contact design and sturdy build developed from years of careful engineering and countless hours of testing.

Smart lighting

The range also features ABB-free@home solutions and combines the essential functions of home automation into a single wireless system. Compatible with ABB i-bus KNX, a smart system, all devices in a building can communicate with one another to ensure intelligent control for improved comfort, safety, and energy savings.

Elevate your space with ABB switches

At Electric Way, a reputed Dubai electrical company, we stock smart switches for your homes and commercial spaces. The ABB brand offers best-in-class switching solutions for future-oriented lifestyles in residential and commercial buildings. All you need to do is to choose from a variety of styles and colour finishes to beautify your interiors. Post installation experience smooth operation, safety and durability for a lifetime.

Upgrade your switches with smart electrical switchgear from us. Know more about our switches and sockets by getting in touch with our electrical experts!

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