BM Group

BM Group

BM Group, which was first known as Bertoletti Mario Morsetterie Elettriche, was established in Milan in 1958 by Mario Bertoletti.

The business was started with the plan of producing terminal blocks, from which BM Group has grown to set a benchmark for electrical connectors for the energy distribution industry. Expanding at a constant pace in the early 1960’s, BM Group moved on from producing terminal blocks to components used in electrical connection. By the end of the 1960’s BM Group launched the crimping connector system which brought a revolutionary step forward in the industry.

As BM Group kept growing, international acclaim was acquired which led to the increase in exports from 5%-20%. The 9001 certification was received by BM group in 1991 which was a pioneering as BM was one of the first companies in Italy to be awarded the certification. Later in 2003, BM also acquired the ISO 9001 Vision 2000 certification which proved the progress of BM. As of today, BM Group is in the process of receiving the ISO14001 certification for its environmental management system.

BM Group’s mission is to design and produce innovative products to help technicians effectively install the electrical components. The quality management at BM Group is carried out through a management system which conforms to the ISO 9001:2008 standards. This ensures that the company can supply high grade products which are marked for their quality.

BM Group also features a fully automated production system in their facilities which produce high quality products at a low price. The investment into technology, automation computerized planning and production inspection shows the commitment of BM Group into improving the processes to provide better results which satisfy the customers.