Gamakabel is known to be one of the largest wires and cable producers in Bulgaria, Gamakabel has earned their reputation through their quality products and services.

In the northern industrial zone of Smulyan was Gamakabel’s initiation. Starting out on a 70,000 square meters land.

Up to date technologies like HENRICH and NIEHOFF pulling machines, NIEHOFF and SKET twisting machines (Germany), MAILLEFER extruders (Switzerland), and other WRDWELL extruders from Hungary, Germany from the United States are used to produce Gamakabel’s electrical wires and cables.

Technology is not new to Gamakabel as in the second quarter of 2008, the production of oxygen free copper wire was started. Fully functioning modern technology and quality products has made Gamakabel be well known internationally in Germany, Russia, Belgium, France, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Finland, Austria and other Middle and Far East, Africa and Asia as well.

Having several equipments in the Gamakabel Central Testing Laboratory, a variety of tests can be carried out to improve the products. The Gamakabel Central Testing Laboratory is also known to be accredited according to BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025 by the Dutch Accreditation Service RvA.

Gamakabel’s products are always of high quality which are being produced according to HD, EN, IEC, DIN VDE, BS, ASTM, MIL, GOST and BDS standards. The wires and cables produced can also be customized according to the customer needs. Gamakabel is also the proud holder certificate for a Management System in accordance with BDS EN ISO 9001 from TUF Rheinland since 1999.

Keeping customer satisfaction as the main mission, Gamakabel is always on the run to improve their products to give better quality to the customers. All the products supplied are ensured to meet the safety requirements to provide the customers with high quality products.