Giantlok provides customers with cable management products that has helped improve efficiency and reduce assembling costs.

A vast variety of products like cable ties, stainless steel ties, security ties, cable markers, cable clamps, fasteners, cable clips, PC board supports, cable protection, wiring ducts, conduits, adapters, wire connectors, and terminals are produced to reinforce the demands of different industries. All the products produced are UL, CE, CSA, GL and ABS accredited and the processes comply with EU RoHS and REACH environmental regulations. This enables Giantlok to serve their customers with high grade products which will satisfy their needs.

Giantlok has its branches in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Korea, India, Hong Kong and many other countries. Giantlok reaches a wide customer base while serving them efficiently. Constantly improving, Giantlok aims to develop its processes and products to provide better solutions to the industries.

The vision of Giantlok is to be known as the preferred brand for wiring solutions. Giantlok’s mission is to work adjacent with customers in order to get a better understanding of the requirements which will enable them to give better solutions. Developing a powerful workforce and distribution network to provide a better user experience is also a priority for Giantlok. Innovation, diligence and integrity are Giantlok’s core values which serves as a driving force to achieve their goals and objectives.

The high-quality products provided by Giantlok are well suited for all types of switchboards and control panels in the electrical and electronic industries. To reduce the risk of operational failure, Giantlok is constantly supplying their customers with high quality products which aims to reduce the cost of rework.