HellermannTyton is the leading name for producing and supplying high quality products like fastening, fixing, installing, connecting, insulating, protecting and identifying electrical cables and network connectivity solutions.

Producing management components to specialized industry requirements is also undertaken by HellermannTyton. The mission is to design and develop innovative solutions for cable requirements and supply it to the customers at high quality.

Internationally HellermannTyton is recognized due to its 16 state of the art manufacturing facilities placed in 13 different locations. Being a big company, HellermannTyton also supports the livelihood of 5,400 employees working in 39 different countries around the world. Inspired by cable management needs, HellermannTyton is a globally trusted brand recommended by professionals.

Every industry has its special requirements relating to cable management which range from torsion to weight reduction. HellermannTyton produces custom technologies depending on the market that demands it. These industries include automotive, aviation, aerospace, food and beverage, rail vehicle construction, shipbuilding, solar industry, telecommunications and wind power. The high-quality products can be trusted even under harsh conditions.

The research and development done at HellermannTyton continuously explores new materials and resources to use for the products and provide unique products to the customers. The futuristic products resolves the challenges faced during cable management and provides a faster, innovative and better solution to the problem.

HellermannTyton‘s is constantly building their reputation through developing processes, products and people. The long-standing name of the company comes from years of expertise and spirit in the industry which has shaped the pioneering activities put forward by HellermannTyton.