LS Cable System

LS Cable System

LS Cable & System has been developing power grids and communication networks since 1962, which was first initiated in Korea.

Now LS Cable & System has spread its wings internationally and is providing innovative solutions to industries around the world. The futuristic technology at LS Cable & System has given the power to produce cables and industrial materials according to the special needs of the different industries.

Products like submarine, extra-high voltage, high temperature superconducting and communications cables to power authorities, heavy electric equipment makers and common carriers are being supplied to Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. With superior products, LS Cable & System is recognized as a leading manufacturer supplying for global industries.

LS Cable & System policies focus on generating innovative business models, developing environment-friendly high-quality products and reinforcing partnerships with stakeholders. This focus takes LS Cable & System beyond a profit generating company. Committed to improvement, investment into newer technologies to improve processes and provide better solutions are the ideologies of LS Cable & System.

Specializing in energy, industrial cable, telecommunication, materials and solutions, LS Cable & System has managed to generate sales of over 3,312 million.