Top Cable

Top Cable

Founded in 1985 in Barcelona, Spain, Top Cable has grown to be one of the trusted leaders in cable technology.

Top Cable’s offices and facilities have an international reach, spreading across the globe.

In the home country, Spain, Top Cable has 4 state of the art facilities which produce high quality cables. Competing with global leaders, the cables produced by Top Cable go beyond standards being durable and reliable the highly flexible cables are innovative in design and are made to be customizable according to the customer’s needs. Top Cable also manufactures a vast array of low and medium voltage cables.

Top Cable has been providing cables for construction projects, marine & offshore, railway, mining, OEM’s and renewable energy plants (windmill and solar farms). The cables produced are certified by internationally recognized organizations around the world among which some of them include HAR, Aenor, Kema-Keur, CEBEC, UL, Bureau Veritas and DNV-GL.

The low voltage cable produced have the most extensive range in polymers and are ensured to be produced complying with international standards. The medium and high voltage cables are designed to carry energy distribution of up to 30 kV. These cables are specially made to use for public networks and industrial infrastructures.

Manufacturing different types of cables according to varying international standards like UNE, VDE, UL, BS and CSA, Top Cable is an international supplier for cables. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry of cable technology, Top Cable has risen from tough competition due to its best products.