Industry Sectors



Cables and wires are an essential part in the construction industry which is used in almost every project undertaken. Using high grade wires and cables will aid in the successful completion and running of your project while saving time and costs. Our solutions include providing cable management, tools, Cables, Wires, and Accessories.

The products we provide meet standards, specifications and certifications to facilitate high customer satisfaction. We supply cables and wires for construction projects like residential buildings, manufacturing plants or any other piece of commercial construction. Our products include Single conductor cables, Non-Metallic Sheathed Cables, Armored Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Low Voltage Cables and Communications Cables.

The accessories for the cables go hand in hand with the wiring counterparts. High quality cables need high quality cable accessories. We at Electric Way are specialized in providing a wide range of tools and accessories for cables and wires for every industrial requirement. The products we provide range from cable glands, cable lugs, cable cleats, clamps, cable cutting and crimping tools, connectors and shrouds.

Electric Way contains a vast variety of lighting fixtures that be used for a range of projects. World class and durable lighting fixtures are provided for industrial, commercial, residential and government construction projects. Industrial lights, commercial lights, high mast lights, hotels and leisure lights are just few of the many products we offer. All the lighting fixtures provided by us are from leading brands all over the world which supplies to the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.