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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry are always faced with extreme conditions and requires industry grade products to perform in highly harsh environments. The products used should be reliable and durable to withstand the extreme conditions. The products that will be used for a project should be resistant to the corrosive effect of chemicals. Electric Way provides suitable cables and wires which are specialised for the oil and gas industry and are highly regulated.

The wires are sourced from leading producers in cables and wires. This ensures certification and standardization of the wires to assist in Offshore Drilling Systems, Land Based Drilling Systems, Refinery Applications, Pump Equipment and much more. Accessories are integral components which are complementary to the cables and wires. Electric way provides cable accessories which provides a complete system of networks is also supplied by Electric Way.

These accessories are designed as component parts to the cables and simultaneously withstand harsh conditions. All the accessories have been manufactured according to high standards and are tested in conditions to provide long lasting usability. The fixtures are highly useful in the industries of oil and gas because of their long-lasting durability which saves costs in the long run.