Atheeqe Ansari

Atheeqe Ansari

  • Atheeqe Ansari
    14th August 2017

    Atheeqe Ansari

I take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website to know more about us.

You may be a prospective customer, a future supplier or a hopeful career aspirant. I assure you that you will have a 360o experience that is aligned to our vision and values.

As a resident educated fully in UAE, I founded Electric Way to contribute to the growth of this dynamic nation that is an unmatched blend of the aspiration of the rulers, the energy of the entrepreneurs and the toil of the workers.

We are a modern company based on innovative methods, yet our value system is driven by heritage. My father came to this country with hope and was guided by these values to build his fortune. I believe that trust is first. I believe that an enterprise purpose is to serve its customer and that employees well-being is paramount.

We have never reneged on a promise we made, nor been opportunistic at our customer’s expense. Our terms are fair, and we believe in long-term associations. Payday is sacrosanct, and we even invested in a chef to ensure our workers never miss a meal at work.

I lead an energetic team that has been with me long, and we continue to invest in technology to keep us achieving higher standards of customer service. We work with the best of manufacturers in the world and are the first to undertake pioneering concepts.

I invite you to experience the Electric Way. We are the company you deserve.