Cable Tray Accessories

We Offer Products that are used in parallel with cable trays including brackets, ground clamps and splices.

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The several Cable Tray fixtures available are:

Cable Tray Connectors: which join cable both straight sections and fittings
Cable Tray Fitting: used to change direction or size of a cable tray system
Cable Tray Support: Supports both cable tray sections and fittings
Straight Section: A length of cable tray with no change in direction or size
Elbow vertical: cable tray fitting which changes direction to a different plane
Reducer: For joining cable trays of different widths at the same plane
Tee Horizontal: fitting which is suitable for joining three cable trays at 90° angles from each other on the same plane
Elbow Horizontal: fitting which changes direction in the same plane
Cross Horizontal: fitting used for joining four cable tray assemblies at 90° angles from each other on the same plane
Ventilated Bottom: A cable tray bottom with sufficient openings to allow the passage of air
Metallic Cable tray system: an assembly of cable tray straight sections, fittings and accessories which forms a rigid structural system to support and organize cables.

Accessories available include:

  • Right Angled Connectors
  • Box Connectors
  • Drop Out
  • Bonding jumper
  • Fish Plate
  • Barrier Straight
  • Hold Down Clamp
  • Cover Clamp

Available Cover options include:

  • Flange Solid
  • Flange Ventilated
  • Plain Ventilated
  • Plain Solid
  • tee Horizontal
  • Cross Horizontal
  • Elbow Horizontal (90° and 45°)
  • External Rise
  • Internal Rise
  • Reducer right
  • Reducer straight
  • Reducer Left
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