Hot Dip Galvanized GI Ladders

A cable ladder is generally regarded as being the strongest type of cable support product and can be made from steel, aluminum or FRP. For the support of high volumes of heavyweight cables over long distances, a cable ladder network offers a quickly installed, but strong and long term solution. They support cabling with rungs welded to side rails. All ladder systems use fittings to facilitate changes between cabling directions and levels.

  • Cable Ladder Cable Ladder
  • Cable Ladder Cable Ladder

Hot dip galvanized cable ladders are best suitable even in high moisture area specifically in the coastal areas.

Electric Way has a comprehensive range of cable ladders.

The Ladders come in three different classifications:

Light duty: use spot welded rungs
Medium and Heavy Duty: use welded or swaged rungs.

Cable Fixtures Available are:

  • Elbow Horizontal (90°/45°)
  • Tee Horizontal
  • Internal and External Riser
  • Cross Horizontal
  • Reducer Straight, Left, Right
  • Adjustable Divider, Horizontal Elbow, Vertical Connector
  • Connector Straight and Expansion
  • Hinged Horizontal, BlindEnd, Reducing, Right-Angle, Box Connector
  • Dropout
  • Hold Down Cover and Double Cover Clamp
  • Guide Expansion
  • Bonding Jumper
  • Barrier Straight and Clip

The Following Cover Options are available:

  • Flange Solid
  • Flange Ventilated
  • Plain Solid
  • Plain Ventilated
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