Armoured Cable MGT

We supply a comprehensive range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) with dual Insulation of Special grade of Mica Glass tape for use in applications where smoke emission and toxic fumes could pose a risk to human health and essential equipment in the event of a fire.

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Armoured MGT Cables are multi-core armoured cables designed as per BS 7846 with steel wire armour construction to meet category F2 fire test (C-W-Z test as per BS 6387)


CONDUCTORS: Current carrying component of the cable.
Material Plain, stranded, compacted copper class2 as per IEC: 60228
PRIMARY INSULATION: Material -Mica Glass Tape
FILLERS: For providing circular shape to the cable, non-hygroscopic compatible fillers (wherever necessary) are included between laid up cores.
FILLERS: For providing circular shape to the cable, non-hygroscopic compatible fillers (wherever necessary) are included between laid up cores.
BEDDING: Extruded bedding serves as a bedding for the armour and as a protection for the laid-up cores.
Material LSZH
ARMOUR: Armour provides mechanical protection to the cable. It also serves as an Earth Continuity Conductor (ECC). One layer of round wire is applied helically over the bedding.
Material 1. Galvanised round steel wire (GSWA) – FOR MULTICORE CABLE
2. Aluminium round wire armour (AWA) – FOR SINGLE CORE.
OVERSHEATH – FINISH: Robust LSZH sheath with Black colour as standard, other colours upon request


Voltage Rating: Uo/U= 0.6/1kV
Temperature Rating: Fixed: -25°C to +90°C
Minimum Bending Radius: 1.5mm2 to 16mm2 – Fixed: 6 x overall diameter
25mm2 and above – Fixed: 8 x overall diameter


BS 6387: C-W-Z test for small sizes
IEC 60228/BS6360: for copper conductor
BS 7629 & BS 5839-1: for Fire performance screened cable
BS 7846: For Multi-core armoured power & control cable
IEC 60331: for Fire resistance test at increased temperature of 950 deg.C
IEC 61034 & BS EN 50268: for Low smoke emission
IEC 60754 & BS EN 50267: For Acid gas emission


1 core: Red, Black
2 core: Red, Black
3 core: Red, Yellow, Blue
4 core: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
5 core: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Yellow/ Green

APPLICATION: Fire Performance Cables are designed to survive and operate during fire conditions.
They are used where Property and Life systems must be maintained in the event of a REAL FIRE. The typical applications are:

1. Areas where a large number of people will remain in occupation for a period of time and safe evacuation of mass public is critical in the event of a fire, i.e schools, shopping malls, mass transit systems metro stations etc.

2. Services where circuit integrity is vital under fire conditions eg. special equipment in hospitals, airports, etc.

3. Essential critical safety circuit, fire detection, fire alarm, voice alarm and emergency lighting.

4. Power supply to equipment used in fire-fighting sprinkler pumps and fire dampers.

5. In large and complex buildings where fire strategy involves the evacuation of occupants in a controlled phased manner.

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