Building Wire & Earthing Cable LSZH

Building wire is used in the construction of almost every commercial, industrial, and residential property in the world. Most commonly known as branch circuit wiring in homes and businesses, these products carry electrical current to all external uses of power in a building or dwelling.

  • Building Wire LSF (BS 50525-3-41) Building Wire LSF (BS 50525-3-41)

Electric Way supplies a comprehensive range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen Building wires manufactured in accordance with a number of British, European and international standards.


CONDUCTORS: It is the current carrying component of the cable.
Material Stranded plain annealed copper single core conductors
INSULATION The rated voltage level of the cable depends on the dielectric strength and thickness of the insulation
Material 450/750V with XL- LSZH Sheathing Compound.


Voltage Rating: 450/750 Volts
Temperature Rating -15°C to +90°C
Minimum Bending Radius As per cable manufacturer datasheet


BS EN 50525-3-41: For LSZH Insulated Wiring
BS EN/IEC 60332-1-2: For Flame Retardant
BS7211 Old standard, currently withdrawn or superseded


1 core: Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green/Yellow. (Other Color as per specified standard can also be manufactured)

Most suited for use in conduit and for fixed protection installation. Can be used in lighting installations, switch and control gear and also in appliances. The Low Smoke Zero Halogen outer sheath is ideal in applications where fire, smoke, emissions and toxic fumes would create a potential threat.

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