Flat Cables

The Drincable cable is suitable for permanent immersion in potable water to a depth of 600m. WRAS approved, it will not support microbial growth, or affect the taste, appearance, transparency or colour of water. It will not introduce metals or toxic substances. Designed for submersible pumps for drinking water, depuration and chlorination systems, electrical installations in manufacturing, processing and preserving systems of drinks and foodstuff, swimming pool lightings, and other water treatment operations. Available as a circular or flat configuration

  • Flat Cables Flat Cables


  • BE EN/IEC 60228, BE EN 50363-1, VDE 0207 part 20,
  • BS EN 50363-2-1,
  • ACS – WRAS approved
  • Acid and Alkaline Solution according to BE EN/IEC 60811-100
    Ozone Resistant according to BS EN/IEC 60811-403
  • AD8 Water Resistance Test according to EN 50525-2-21 and
  • AC internal test
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