Telephone Wire

Our range of telephone cables, including those manufactured to British Telecom (BT approved) and European specifications, are suitable for interconnecting communication equipment and low signalling appliances.

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Eland Cables supplies outdoor telephone cables (CW1128 & CW1198) designed specifically to withstand environmental factors such as UV and moisture, as well as the full spectrum of weather conditions. We also supply lightweight indoor telephone cables such as the CW1308 cable and J-YstY cable German specification cable widely used in European installations, and CW1423 cables for jumping BT telephone services terminated on IDC blocks.


We supply some of the most widely used telephone cables, including:

British telephone cable Application overview
CW1308 Indoor
CW1308B Indoor / Outdoor
CW1128 Outdoor
CW1128/1198 Outdoor telephone cable (Suitable for direct burial)
CW1423 Hardened PVC insulation cables for IDC blocks
European telephone cable  
J-Y(st)Y Indoor

Telephone cables form part of our wider telecommunications product range which covers Ethernet networks and data centres. Please visit our telecoms industry page to view some of our recent case studies and testimonials. Our technical engineers are on-hand to advise with telephone cable selection and to discuss your specific application.

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