EV chargers for quick-stop public locations

COMMERCIAL FAST CHARGERS (DC) – Enjoy uninterrupted long drives with quick charge

Fully charging even the largest battery in under an hour, DC chargers are fastest in the market today and are ideal for on-the-go locations like petrol stations, highway stops and fleet depots for delivery vehicles and taxis. As these kinds of chargers convert AC into DC power outside of the vehicle at the charging station charge happens within a few minutes to hours at a capacity of up to 350 kW.

Between just 15 – 60 minutes an 80 percent charge is delivered to your vehicle. With a quick stop, shop and charge, drivers get going on their way again.

Fast charging for scalable charging networks

Our range of fast EV Chargers deliver up to 350 kW of power. It offers drivers a first-class charging experience with cost-efficient charging features to maximize your charging operation revenue. With upgradeable power modules and smart charging systems, these fast chargers allows multiple EVs to charge at the same time.

  • -Super-fast charging on the go
  • -Ideal for short-stop locations
  • -Essential for high mileage/long distance driving
  • -Optimized for each location use
  • -Charge up to 3 vehicles simultaneously
  • -Distribute power via load balancing
Best choice for your location

Compatible with every electric vehicle, our range of fast EV chargers can easily integrate into any charging location and offer a better overview of your charging operations.

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