Busbar Tapes

Busbar Tapes is an adhesive-coated, high-voltage, heat-shrink general purpose tape for insulating straight and bent bars in retrofit applications where busbar tubing cannot be used. HV busbar tape insulates unusual copper connections in the factory or field. HV busbar tape is also ideal for protection against incidental/accidental bridging caused by birds and animals – the high voltage busbar tape adhesive layer fuses the tape layers but does not stick to HV busbar providing environmental sealing while allowing fast, easy removal.

  • Bus bar Tapes Bus bar Tapes

HV high voltage heat shrink busbar tapes provide electrical insulation and reduced clearances for high voltage switchgear, busbars and electrical equipment – high voltage busbar tapes are suitable for circular and rectangular, copper or aluminum, 11kV-33kV.

HV busbar tape is suitable for electrical insulation 11kV-15kV in accordance with ANSI/IEEE specifications and 33kV-36kV in accordance with IEC

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