Plugin type Termination Kits

Plug-in Termination (PIT) separable connectors are compatible with inner cone bushings size 2 (800 A) and size 3 (1250 A) as per EN 50180/EN 50181. RPIT product series are available for system voltages from 12 kV up to 52 kV for any type of cable. The inner cone termination incorporates a high-quality contact system which ensures reliable current transmission from the cable conductor to the bus bar. The electrical interfaces between the silicone stress relief cone to the cable and the bushing are kept permanently sealed using a pressure component. This element is housed in the protection cover, which is sealed with heat-shrinkable tubing.

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Shielded inline connection for gas insulated switchgears and transformers up to 52 kV

Metal-enclosed, hermetically insulated and suitable outdoor use

Designed to be used for di erent conductor types in accordance with IEC 60228

Special designs for wind power stations and o shore applications with bronze protection covers

Optional voltage detection point

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