Straight Joint Kits

Using components from our heat shrink tubing range, our standard Low Voltage (LV) heat shrink joint kits are suitable for XLPE/SWA/LSF 600/1000v power cables. For use in exposed environments or buried applications.

  • Straight Joint Kit Straight Joint Kit
  • Straight Joint Kit Straight Joint Kit

The slimline profile of these joint kits makes them ideal for vertical jointing and use in confined areas such as cable trays. Also allow for immediate back-filling and/or energisation.

Custom straight joint variants are available for transitional or trifurcating jointing. Virtually any cable combination can be accommodated, e.g. XLPE to PILC transition joint incorporating mechanical connectors.

Standard joint sizes listed below are suitable for 4core SWA cables and can be installed with both with mechanical core connectors and compression splices.

The range has further been developed to incorporate four specially-designed joints to suit single-core XLPE/AWA/LSF 600/1000v cables.

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