British and European standard wiring Accessories

A range of socket outlets designed for ease of installation and having all theadvantageous design features of the MK range of wiring devices. The 2 gangsockets with outboard rockers (available in Logic Plus and Albany Plus) are ofparticular value for use by the infirm and partially sighted whilst the same feature inMetalclad Plus is ideal for use with gloved hands.Non-standard clean earth sockets are for use on installations where restrictedaccess is required and will only accept a 647WHI 13A non-standard plug withT-shaped earth pin.

  • British and European standard wiring Accessories British and European standard wiring Accessories

The sockets have two independent earth terminals so that theycan also be used for ‘clean earth’ installations. The K2746CE and K2947CE alsohave two independent earth terminals for ‘clean earth’ installations.A variety of sockets (see Technical Specification) are fitted with two earth terminalson a common busbar to provide a double earth facility for use when installationsrequire a high integrity protective connection as specified within the latest edition ofBS 7671 which should be referred to for guidance.

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