A traditional trading company’s metamorphosis into a modern supply chain partner begins with a mind-set hinged on innovation. Our approach to innovation started with by redefining the relationship with our customers and then with our principals.

We consider ourselves as an important link in the supply chain acting not just as a distributor but as a partner company to the OEM/Producers at one end and as a value-added partner to our customer.

Our close relationship with our customer gives us the insight of their specific requirements and challenges. We invented the just-in-time delivery concept to reduce the storage requirement at the site and loss due to pilferage. It also helped to reduce the wastage due to overexposure on the site. We execute the full order in parts supplying the material at required intervals. We ensure timely delivery so that projects stay on schedule.

Our OEMs consider us an important ally for market feedback and forecasting. This helps them to produce the right product in the requisite quantities to keep the supply-chain wet. We also collaborate and participate in discussion for product innovations and emerging needs.

Innovation is also evident in the software and hardware we deploy to drive office automation, sales, warehousing and logistics. Our large office and warehouse facility is Wi-Fi enabled on a high-speed internet line.

Electricway has earned just rewards for our innovative approach and we continue to stay on this path.