Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

One stop solution to manage your electrical materials and cables your virtual warehouse

Electric Way has created a new way to manage your electric material and cable orders more efficiently, allowing end-to-end control of the inventory’s procurement to payment cycles. The virtual warehouse facilitates easy management of your electrical needs, enabling cost-saving, greater control and reduction of wastage.
Electric Way is the market leader in partnering with customers and delivering comprehensive customer service support and solutions. Electric Way’s ERP Cable Management System consists of the following distinct processes:
• Cable Management Process
• Virtual Warehouse for End-users
• Supply Chain, Cable Procurement Management
• Logistics
• Advance Warehousing
• Cable Management Services
• Cable Handling & Order Preparation Process
• Blanket Order Process
• Reporting Requirements
• Returns Management

Procurement offers substantial scope for optimization through the use of e-procurement solutions. This not only streamlines the purchasing process, but also impacts purchasing behavior, consequently reducing the cost. In addition to organizing and facilitating all associated processes, this also ensures complete transparency.

Through the virtual warehouse, the physical as well as the informational aspects of logistics become easily manageable. The virtual platform incorporates both manual and automatic updates using email, with system control reports and escalation protocols in place to ensure that critical information updates are not missed.

The virtual warehouse speeds up the shipment process and enables full visibility of materials from point-of-production to point-of-purchase, making it easier to operate globally and cost-effectively, while being responsive to market demand.

Blanket orders
Creation of blanket orders, ensuring the seamless delivery of large quantities in smaller shipments is facilitated by the virtual warehouse. The platform can be used as a worksheet for monitoring, forecasting and planning blanket orders.

returns management
The virtual platform automatically organizes credit memos, replacement goods, returns to vendors and partial or combined returns of shipments or receipts, enabling exact cost reversal and enhancing inventory accuracy.

online reporting
The virtual warehouse provides exceptional ease of access to information. This eliminates the need for list-based analysis to obtain an insight into the state of a warehouse situation, instead allowing quick and accurate conclusions to be drawn based on clear and interactive information.